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savant n : someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field [syn: initiate, learned person, pundit]

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From savant.


  1. A person of learning; one who is versed in literature or science.
  2. A person eminent for acquirements.



  • /sa.vɑ̃/, /sa.vA~/


Old past participle of verb savoir (modern: sachant)


  1. scholarly


  • erudite, though the two are often juxtaposed (savants being portrayed as wise, the erudite as book-smart)

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fr-noun m

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Savant (from the French savant "knowing", English since the 18th century) may refer to:
  • An expert or wise person
  • Savant syndrome, describing individuals with a developmental disorder and one or more areas of expertise, ability or brilliance. An autistic savant describes an autistic person who has savant syndrome
  • Marilyn vos Savant
In popular culture: John Weiss

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Admirable Crichton, academician, adept, aficionado, amateur, artisan, artist, attache, authority, bookman, buff, classicist, clerk, colossus of knowledge, connaisseur, connoisseur, consultant, cordon bleu, crack shot, craftsman, critic, dead shot, dilettante, diplomat, diplomatist, doctor, elder, elder statesman, experienced hand, experimental scientist, expert, expert consultant, fan, freak, genius, giant of learning, graduate, great soul, guru, handy man, humanist, illuminate, intellect, intellectual, journeyman, learned clerk, learned man, literary man, litterateur, lover of learning, lover of wisdom, mahatma, man of intellect, man of learning, man of letters, man of science, man of wisdom, mandarin, marksman, master, mastermind, mentor, mine of information, no slouch, nut, oracle, philologist, philologue, philomath, philosophe, philosopher, politician, polyhistor, polymath, practical scientist, pro, professional, professor, proficient, pundit, rabbi, rishi, sage, sapient, scholar, scholastic, schoolman, scientist, seer, shark, sharp, specialist, starets, statesman, student, technical adviser, technical expert, technician, technologist, thinker, walking encyclopedia, wise man, wise old man
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